Randy Edelman


 At long last,  Sony Masterworks
will be releasing the much requested orchestral score of Randy Edelman’s for “Ghostbusters 2.”  
The composer will be directly involved in the package.

The 20+ songs from
“Short Cut”, the new musical
about the construction of The
Panama Canal,  will be available
shortly.  The songs, with both
music and lyrics by Edelman,
are performed by the composer.
“A Close Relationship”.....
The solo evening concert, which has been presented all over the U.K., Europe, U.S., and as far away as the Canary Islands, will continue as time and place permits during the year.  Edelman plays both songs from his numerous solo albums,  as well as special pianistic arrangements of his well known scores from film and television in a variety of styles and accompanying stories.


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